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Baby Birds Coming Back to Visit

June 14, 2013

After the little hatchlings left my front porch, I was sure I would never, ever see them again. Even though I left the nest in the planter for a few days following their departure, I never saw them return.

So, I decided they were gone for good.

Today, I was surprised.

As I was pulling out of my garage, I realized that momma bird robin was in my side yard. And close beside her were two of her babies. How do I know they were here babies? Well, they were still sporting their spots. Young robins have spots, which slowly fade as they age.

As I watched, the momma diligently ran from mound to mound, pulling out earthworms and showing them to her young. They, in turn, seemed to look at her like she was insane. When she realized they weren’t going to pick up the worms for themselves, she’d grab them and shove them down their beaks, only to scurry off again to look for more worms.

I wonder how long it will be before either they catch on or she tires of the game and leaves them to their own devices.

Babies 1

Babies 2

Babies 3

Babies 4

So, what happened to the third hatchling? I don’t know. It could have been with its pappa or it could have been hiding out or … well, things I don’t want to think about. I know that getting two out of three babies to adulthood are good odds, but I’d still love to know that the third one is thriving, as well.

P.S. Yes, these pics were taken with my iPhone and through a closed window. I didn’t dare roll down the window or run for my good camera, for fear of scaring off the birds.

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