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Get the Hint, Lady!

June 15, 2013

I tried to change the sheets on my bed today.

I got about halfway through the process when the cats decided to send me a very clear message: They didn’t want me going any further with the bed-making process.

Bed 1

Yep, all four of them actually decided to claim the unmade bed as their own.

Bed 2

I’m not entirely sure if they were trying to tell me that they preferred the bed all tousled and crumpled or if they were telling me that they were not going to let me finish making the bed because they knew that I would then want to sleep in it and that could not be allowed. After all, the bed is theirs.

Bed 3

Of course, with a face like this, how could I shove them off the blankets simply to make the bed?

Bed 4

And a face like this …

Bed 5

Of course, then there was Lilly. If you got the impression that she looked a bit like a vulture, hanging over Izzy, you’d be right. She was trying to stare down my beautiful blue-eyed girl with the hopes of intimidating the other cat. Generally, Izzy is easily intimidated if she sees it coming. But, since she refused to turn and look at Lilly, the little tortie had no choice but to continue to stare and stare and stare and do absolutely nothing else … (after all, actually attacking with no provocation wouldn’t be the cat way).

Bed 6

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