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The New Toy

June 19, 2013

I never knew that one little toy could bring out such curiosity in the cats …

Toy 1

The toy is simple, really. It has a feather that sprouts from the top of a green egg. The base of the egg can be twisted to wind it up. Once wound up, the toy makes very slow and lazy circles on the floor.

What can I say? It was on sale.

The funny part was that while I thought it was rather boring, the cats were fascinated.

As you can see.

Toy 2

The toy even drew Izzy (brown and white cat in the top right)  to watch. That never happens. She generally waits for all the other cats to check out and grow bored of a new distraction before she ventures forth. This, however, drew her out right away.

Who would have known?

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