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The Birds Are Back in Town …

July 5, 2013

Did you know that robins can have more than one clutch of eggs each season?

I did not know that.

So, I was shocked when I was met with a squawking and clearly upset bird when I tried to water the planter on my front porch. When I took a closer look in the planter, I found a newly constructed nest with four pale blue eggs tucked within.

That’s when I decided to investigate a bit more. Apparently, robins can have two to three broods during the breeding season, which runs from April to July.

So, I am in for another month of steering clear of the front porch and keeping the front blinds closed. It’s all good, though. It’s amazing to watch nature from the comfort of the couch.

Bird 1

You can just barely see the momma bird tucked into the planter, warming her eggs.

Bird 2

A view of papa bird visiting to feed his mate. I had to take this through the window of my house because he didn’t want to come close when I was on the porch.

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