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July 9, 2013

Birdie, Birdie Update

The hatchlings have apparently hatched. How do I know? Because momma robin is no longer nestled deep in the plant, trying to keep the eggs warm. She is up, watching everything around her and trying to shield the babies from the hot evening sun.

Oh, and I managed to catch a glimpse of one of the hatchlings poking at his momma’s tummy, clearly trying to tell her he was hungry.

She seems more protective of this brood than the last, so I am keeping my distance for the moment. Hopefully, I can snap a picture of the babies in the next few days.

Bird 2

Note: Taken with my iPhone so I didn’t further disturb the momma bird.

Gus-Gus and the Darn Dog

I find it incredibly endearing that Gus, who has absolutely no desire to be anywhere near the spaz that is Cooper, will alert me that the dog is waiting by the back door to be let in. He does it with a single, short meow that he only breaks out if Cooper has had to wait for more than a couple of minutes and he thinks I haven’t noticed.

What cat does that? Even Zoey doesn’t pay that close of attention to the dog.

De Gus 1

My Gus-Gus

Gus-Gus and the Darn Water

Gus happens to also be my only animal who will walk right by a plate of cooked chicken without even a second glance or an attempt to snag a piece.

What does grab his attention?

Glasses of water.

I literally cannot keep a glass of water in my house without the cat tracking it down and trying to drink his fill. He won’t drink out of the dog’s bowl and he shuns the water fountain that all of the other cats love (and is safely away from Cooper’s reach), but he has no problem trying to share water with me.

Again, what cat does that?

Gus, apparently.

De Gus 2

Isn’t he a handsome fellow?

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