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I Feel Dirty: A Little Birdie Update

July 15, 2013

As I said before, the robins have returned with their second clutch of the year.

And, as I have also said, they seem to be far more protective of this brood than the last. Either that or they have gotten far smarter about what I am likely to do to snag a few pictures of the beauties.

Yesterday, I finally dragged out the stepladder to see if it would help me at all. Needless to say, momma bird was not happy.

Dirty 1

When she finally decided to leave the nest, she let the hatchlings know that they needed to hide.

Dirty 2

The parents refused to return to the nest while I was on the ladder, so I walked to the other end of the porch. When momma returned, I snagged one photo.

Dirty 3

When she realized I was there, she immediately left the nest, dive-bombed me and then started scolding me. From the nearest tree. Which was directly in front of me.

Dirty 4

And then from the roof line of my neighbor’s house.

Dirty 5

I tried from a different angle, but couldn’t get much of a photo.

Dirty 6

So, today, I decided to do what any self-respecting paparazzi hunting for the perfect picture of William and Kate’s baby would do: I grabbed a telephoto lens and took pictures through a window.

Dirty 7

I still wasn’t sure that I would get much …

Dirty 8

Not until momma bird returned with dinner …

Dirty 9

If you’ll count the beaks, you’ll see that all four eggs hatched …

Dirty 10

Dirty 11

Dirty 12

Dirty 13

Dirty 14

Yep. I admit that I feel a little dirty about all of this. After all, momma made it clear that I was not welcome around the nursery. But, I couldn’t help myself.

The upside is that I was able to make sure that all four eggs hatched and the babies were thriving.

The downside is that by opening the blinds on my front window to take the photos, my dear, sweet, insane Lilly realized that there were birds on the front porch. Now, even with the blinds closed, she is determined to attack any movement or shadow she sees through the blinds. Thankfully, she’s an inside-only cat, but still … her attacks on the blinds have gotten a little annoying.

But, if that’s the only thing I have to complain about, life really isn’t all that bad, is it?

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