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The Birds Have Flown the Coop …

July 21, 2013

The final robin clutch left the nest sometime over the weekend.

Given how protective the parents have been of their babies, how do I know?

It’s all about Lilly.

For the last week that the babies have been in the nest, Lilly has stalked them through shadow play. See, my front patio gets evening sun, so the planter casts an amazing shadow on the front window blinds, which I have refused to open for fear that the cats would scare off the birds.

I have reason to fear this. After all, every time one of the parents returned with dinner for their brood, Lilly would attack the blinds, hoping to grab the fast-moving shadow. The noise of a cat striking the blinds was enough to drive me nuts every single night.

For the last couple of days, though, Lilly has patiently waited for the shadow to appear on the blinds.

And she has waited for hours.

Hours. Without attacking the blinds.

When I finally ventured out to check out the nest, I found that — as expected — the birds were gone. Only the straw and mud remained.

But still, Lilly waits every evening …

Lilly 1

Lilly 2

Lilly 3

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