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Some Days, Life Doesn’t Go as You Planned …

July 26, 2013

Today would be one of those days for me.

I had plans. Good plans. I meant to get so much done. I was going to run a few errands before traffic got heavy, return home and do a little work before focusing on doing a little home maintenance.

Nothing went according to my plans. Nothing.

Traffic was already bad, even though I left the house before noon. Apparently, I had completely forgotten that the International Pinot Noir Celebration was this weekend, and people were both fighting their way into town, as well as trying to find their way out at a seeming record pace. As a result, the errands took me twice as long to complete.

Still, I decided I still had enough time to get my work done as I headed home, Just as I reached the edge of town, I received a call from an ex-neighbor, who was in desperate need of assistance.

As she told it, she went with a friend to look at some kittens a local family was giving away. She said that the house was filthy and full of trash. There were two momma kitties, but only one kitten left that was old enough to leave its mother. The second litter was younger and not yet ready. Her friend was horrified by the conditions and didn’t want anything to do with the animals, but she didn’t want to leave the kitten behind in those conditions, so she scooped it up and left.

With kitten in hand, she realized she had a problem. Namely, she had two dogs at home who would think the new kitten was a great toy to rip apart. So, after calling authorities about the condition of the house, she called me. Because four cats in one house clearly isn’t enough.

Well, that’s not true … she didn’t expect me to adopt it. She simply asked if I would be willing to take it and find it a new home.

So, the rest of my afternoon was spent running the little kitten to the vet to make sure it was healthy (it is), what it was (female, although the woman who had it told my friend that it was a male) and to get vaccines and flea treatment. Once home, I had to get her settled in the spare bedroom and set it up for her and only her. I didn’t want to subject her to the rest of the pack since she had already been through so much today, and I also didn’t want to expose the rest of the animals to whatever she might bring into the house, including the multitude of fleas that continue to roam her little body (it will take about 24 hours for them to die, according to the vet).

So, for now, the nameless little girl is kicking it in the bedroom. She’s even already made herself comfortable on the bed.

Next step is to find her a new home …

New Kitty 1

New Kitty 2

New Kitty 3

New Kitty 4

New Kitty 5

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    You’re my hero! I wish I could take the little thing, but I have 5 myself… I hope you find a great home for the little girl!

    • Thanks! I feel a little inept at the moment, but hopefully that will pass. She has been scared, but purred at me twice today and rolled over to let me rub her tummy. She is going to be a great cat for someone.

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