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The Newest Addition to the Family

September 15, 2013

The moment I brought the new kitten into my house, I said that I was going to find her a new home. And, I meant it. Apparently, none of my friends believed me.

Clearly, they know me better than I know myself.

I blame it on my other animals. After all, I knew I was doomed the day that, within an hour, Gus groomed her and Zoey decided that she was a playmate rather than an enemy.

No matter how it happened, I officially have a fifth (dear god, help me!) kitty.

Colby 1


I have named her Colby. Because she reminds me of a combination of my dear, sweet Cole and his sister, Bethy. Like the two of them, she is a combination of black and white. And, just like both of them, she is determined to get as much love from the nearest human she can find.

From almost the first day I had her in my home, she was not content sleeping by herself. She wanted to be with me. Near me. In my bed. Pressed as close to me as possible.

She followed me from room to room, complaining when I wasn’t holding her and purring when I was.

She is — without a doubt — probably the most entertaining animal I have had to date. While she definitely has a mind of her own, she has quickly learned that “no” really means no. And, while it took Zoey two years to realize that she could jump  on the fireplace mantle and look out the windows on either side, Colby figured it out well before she was four months old (at least by the vet’s estimation).

For his part, Cooper tries to both protect her and cuddle with her. At this point, she doesn’t see the need for either.

She is clearly going to make my life interesting.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Colby 2

Colby LOVES wheat grass

Colby 3

Colby doesn’t do anything in a small way — even when it comes to wheat grass

Colby 4

Colby at her second “official” vet visit. Her second “unofficial” visit came because she decided to stop eating when I was on the road for work. She doesn’t like not being the center of attention.

Colby 5

She’s telling me that she wants attention and can’t understand why I’m not giving it to her.

Colby 6

Colby staring at me while I’m working. A little freaky, right?

Colby 7

Colby immediately following her third official vet visit — when she was spayed. Responsible pet owners always fix their animals!

Colby 8

Dear, sweet girl. She’s less than 5 pounds, but she already rules the house.

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    Congratulations to the whole family!

  2. Thanks! It’s insane, but they like her.

    • Kim Aue permalink

      The most important thing….. 🙂

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