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Cuddle Monster

October 19, 2013

I was going to post more pictures from around Oregon today, but I have been struck by a certain behavior in the house. Namely the cuddle monster that is Colby.

She has made Zoey her own, personal cuddle friend.

Cuddles 1

And she somehow gets Zoey to groom her …

Cuddles 2

And groom her …

Cuddles 3

And groom her …

Cuddles 4

Cuddles 5

But it doesn’t happen just one day. It happens day …

Cuddles 6

After day …

Cuddles 7

After day.

Cuddles 8

And then, one day I walked out of my office to find the following …

Cuddles 9

Colby cuddled with Cooper. And I always thought Cooper only liked cuddling with Zoey.

Cuddles 9a

Or, rather, only Zoey would cuddle with Cooper. Apparently, he has a new admirer and cuddle partner.

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