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Happy (Early) Halloween

October 28, 2013

Halloween falls on a Thursday this year, and that’s my normal day to volunteer at Cat Adoption Team. That means I won’t be home to torment my dog with costumes and hand out candy.

Yes. You read that right. My goal on Halloween is:

  1. First, to torment my dog with costumes; and
  2. Then — and only then — to hand out candy

Is that really so wrong?

Sooooo … I decided to celebrate early with a peek at Cooper’s two (yes, TWO) new Halloween costumes.  As you might recall, the past two years, I’ve dressed him as a devil, because he pretty much is a little stinker most of the time.

This year, I decided to expand a bit …

Cooper the Cat

Since I have so many cats in the house, I decided what’s one more?

HW 1

Yes, it IS a black cat costume, complete with a long, black tail. Unfortunately, the head doesn’t fit him quite right. I need to figure out a way to stuff the hood and keep it propped up on top of his head. Either that, or I have to convince him that this is a completely normal way to wear a costume:

HW 2

Needless to say, he was not amused.

Cooper, the Jedi Master

OK, I have to admit that this amused me probably more than anyone else: Cooper as Yoda. Why? Because my little, insane, frenetic doggie is anything but calm and — well — Yoda-like.

HW 3

Is it just me or does he look a little frightened here? I don’t think it’s because of the costume. Or maybe it was … He could have been horrified at the thought of someone seeing him this way.

HW 4

HW 5

The Yoda costume definitely fits him better physically, but is completely antithetical to his personality. He’s much more cat-like. Heck, half the time, I’m convinced he thinks he’s a cat.

Then, he encounters another dog and starts barking his fool head off.

And the spell is broken.

Ahhh … but everyone knows I wouldn’t have him any other way.

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    How do I not know you? My volunteer night is Thursday also… I feed all the big rascals! What do you do?

    • I work down in the Playhouse, feeding all the kittens. I’m sure we’ve run into each other. 🙂

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