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So, This Happened …

October 30, 2013

Today, Colby turned 5 months old — at least based on the estimates the vets established when I first got her.

It had been a good 5 months to date. She has been healthy and happy and insane.

She even lost a tooth where I could find it. I have never had that happen before. The only other baby tooth I have ever gotten from an animal was the one that Cooper lost when he was at the vet to be fixed.

Colby 1

Colby’s tooth

I was actually surprised when I compared them that Cooper’s baby tooth wasn’t much bigger than Colby’s. Of course, Cooper was a very, very tiny pup when I first got him.

Colby 2

Colby’s tooth on the right and Cooper’s tooth on the left

Colby has even found her own rhythm in the house, playing with Zoey, cuddling with Gus, annoying Cooper, sniffing Lilly and actively trying to avoid Izzy. Why avoid Izzy? Because Izzy isn’t fond of other animals in her house. And, while she is often the least dominant of all of the adult cats, she has discovered that she is more dominant than a 5-month-old kitten and uses it to her advantage, chasing Colby around whenever she can.

Colby has gotten so good at avoiding her that she has discovered that she can sleep completely undisturbed in Cooper’s playpen during the day. The playpen, of course, is where Cooper sleeps at night.

Colby 3

But then, yesterday morning, I woke to find that the little girl was limping. Thinking that she had just strained something, I put in a quick call to the vet’s office, but didn’t actually take her in. Slowly, throughout the day, the limping got a little more pronounced, but I still didn’t worry until this morning, when she tried to walk without putting weight on it.

When the vet’s office opened for the day, I called to see if they could fit her in. They managed to work her into the schedule and discovered that she had a “greenstick” fracture of her femur, near the hip joint. The vet said that she had a really hard time finding it, even on the X-rays, because the fracture was small. Still, the tiny break was obviously causing swelling and pain. They said that she could have easily done this to herself by landing wrong when she jumped off a piece of furniture or the counter or … well, she jumps off and on everything, so the list could go on and on.

We were sent home with pain medicine and strict instructions to keep her confined to a crate for the next month.

That’s right. An entire month.

In a crate.

A 5-month-old kitten.

After a month, I have to take her in again for another X-ray. If the bone isn’t healed well enough, she will have to spend another month in the crate. If I can’t keep her in the crate the entire time, she could break her leg further, in which case, she would have to undergo surgery and have the bone pinned back together.

That’s the last thing I want.

Soooo … I am trying to keep my frantic and flippy and jumpy little girl calm and quiet in a crate. Since she’s on pain medicine at the moment, she doesn’t really want to move too much, but she is not one who takes kindly to being too far from a human, so she’s not happy when I leave the room and she can’t follow.

I have a feeling that within a week, she will be trying to jump out of the crate when I put in food or clean out the litter box.

Needless to say, it’s really going to be a long, long month …

Colby 4

Colby in her crate

Colby 5

Cooper can’t figure out why he can’t get any closer to Colby

Colby 6

Of course, Zoey also wants to know why she can’t be near her best friend (next to Cooper, that is)

Colby 7

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  1. Poor Colby. Wishing her a speedy recovery.

  2. thevetsminion permalink

    hehe I know this feeling well… my own cat had to spend 8 weeks in a crate after having two ops to fix broken legs. He was so naughty! he was an 8 month old kitten… It pays off in the end though! the more you keep her quiet, the better 🙂 a little bit of catnip can be a good thing! lol good luck with her recovery 🙂

    • Ohhh! I was wondering if catnip might help. Right now, she’s on pain meds, so that’s keeping her relatively quiet, but I know that I can’t drug her for 30 days straight. I’ll see if I can dip her toys in the catnip I have.

  3. cuties. I had to actually help my cat get his out. He was so sore and I just felt so bad that I helped him by having him chew on a chew stick for cats.

  4. thevetsminion permalink

    that’s a good idea 🙂 the more you can keep their brains active then the happier they will be!

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