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Colby’s Best Friend

November 3, 2013

As I said previously, Colby is stuck in a crate for the next month.

If you hear a big, dramatic sigh here, that’s from me.

Colby has NOT been the easiest patient to deal with. Only five days in, she has made it her mission to let me know that she is NOT happy whenever I leave the room. She cries again and again and again and again. And she dumps out her litter and tosses her food.

And, this morning, when I reached into the crate to give the baby a little love, she responded by grabbing my arm with her teeth and claws, showing me just how frustrated she was.

Of course, ever since she’s been in the crate, Zoey has been sleeping on top of it, trying to get as close to her new friend as possible. While Zoey is generally known for her love of Cooper, she is really the biggest, overall love I have in the house. She is the one animal who refuses to fall into the general hierarchy that exists among cats (she seems to find their in-fighting to be amusing rather than intimidating) and she is probably the most mothering cat that I could ever imagine having. She even actively mothers me, cuddling and grooming me in the middle of the night, when I least want or need it.

Now, she is sticking close to Colby.

It is little wonder.

Colby is her new best friend.

And she’s a little lost without her playmate around to keep her occupied.

After all, Cooper just can’t compete with another kitty who loves catnip.

Colby Zoey

Zoey making herself at home on top of Colby’s crate.

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One Comment
  1. thevetsminion permalink

    aw poor thing! Cairo did the same thing, I had to buy a litter tray that turns in at the top to help keep it in… it didn’t. We improvised and cut a doorway in a box, so when he flicks the litter it stays in the box at least! chew toys to work those claws and toothy pegs maybe? Good luck!

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