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Because it’s Not Just About the Invalid

November 18, 2013

I have spent a lot of time updating everyone on Colby’s status. I figured it was time to share a few photos of the other beasties.


Oh, my handsome, handsome boy … what can I say about him? He is such an amazing boy who loves only to cuddle with me or anything else he thinks is warm. Like the computer.

Gus 3

Yeah, even after taking the photo and posting it on Facebook, he didn’t bother to move. He wasn’t about to leave the warmth of the computer. If I let him, he’d rest right on top of the keyboard.

Gus 5

Gus 4


My dear, dear, sweet little girl … she lives life large and then crashes just as hard. One day, she crashed so hard that she actually rolled off the cat tree in my office while she was asleep. At least, I assume that’s what she did.  I was working with my back to her and only heard the thunk when she hit the ground. I turned just in time to see her blink, look around and then stagger off. She wasn’t hurt, just confused. So was I.

Zoey 2

Zoey 1

Zoey and Cooper

And then there is Zoey and Cooper. With Colby on crate rest, Zoey has a lot more time to spend playing with and loving on Cooper. Cooper, of course, is loving every minute of it. Today, while I was trying to wrap up work, I turned around to find the following … Cooper standing in the perfect position for Zoey to groom him. And she, of course, obliged.

Zoey Cooper 1

Zoey Cooper 2

Cooper stood like that for a good five minutes, never once moving while I took pictures with my phone and talked to him. Clearly, he knew what he was doing … as he always does.

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