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One More Day

November 24, 2013

I am counting down the hours.

In approximately 19 hours, I take the littlest girl back in to have her leg rechecked. It’s not yet been a full month since Colby was diagnosed with a broken back leg, but because of the upcoming holiday, the vet who originally saw her will only be in the office on Monday of this week. If we don’t see her now, we have to wait another week.

I’m not sure I can wait another week.

I know that, technically, this entire issue could take another full month to resolve. After all, the vet visit may reveal that her leg is only partially healed or — worse yet — not healed at all. I have tried to be patient throughout this entire ordeal, but I have to admit that it has taken its toll on me. I know that the little girl is confused and frustrated and bored, but I am very, very tired and irritated and frustrated with it, as well. If I am not in the same room as her, she cries and cries and cries. This means that I can do very few of the chores around the house that need to get done. And I currently spend about an hour a day cleaning out water and litter and water-soaked litter from the crates. That doesn’t even account for the amount of time I have spent washing bedding and taking apart vacuum cleaners that are clogged with wet, smelly litter.

Essentially, all of this has done little more than reinforce that I made the right choice to never have children.

On the plus side, the little girl and I have discovered that she enjoys being wrapped in a blanket and held. Colby never really liked to be held before this (although she enjoyed cuddling), but she has now decided that being held while wrapped in a blanket is one of the best things in life. In fact, when I take her out of the crate, all I have to do is place her on her warm, fuzzy blanket and she immediately flops over on her side, waiting to be wrapped like a little kitty burrito. Once in the burrito, she happily purrs and quietly lays in my lap while I rub her ears and her head.

I have a feeling this little ritual will continue well beyond the convalescence.

Not that I’m all that upset by that part of it. I enjoy it.

Cooper, however, is not sure he’s all that happy with the arrangements.

Cooper Colby 2

Cooper letting me know that he’s not all that happy with Colby laying in my lap, which is where he wants to be. Colby’s monster crate is in the background.

Cooper Colby 1

Cooper, giving me his “I’m pathetic” look.

Cooper Colby 4

Man, he’s pathetic!

Cooper Colby 3

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