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Another Day, Another Update

November 25, 2013

Today, I was supposed to work, work, work before taking my youngest kitten to the vet for her one-month recheck of her leg.

Yeah … my life never really goes according to plans.

This morning, Cooper suddenly started having stomach pains. He hasn’t had stomach pains in months, but of course he would have them on the one-year anniversary of his last major episode that sent us to specialist and surgeons, only to discover that he apparently has an atypical form of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). I am thankful, though, that he had the issues on the Monday morning before a long holiday weekend rather than on the Wednesday evening of a long holiday weekend. Normally, he would have done the latter.

Anyway … he ended up having stomach pains. I tried to dose him with his typical medicine, but found that it wasn’t helping. So, I called his internal medicine vet and left a message before calling his regular vet to tell them what was going on. I planned on taking him for a quick walk to see if it helped, but they decided they wanted to see him immediately.

Soooo … I made a trip out to the vet after a conference call. Once there, he continued to have his painful episodes, so the vet decided that they needed an X-ray. It, of course, showed absolutely nothing. They gave him some pain medicine and sent us home after I promised that if he was still having problems, I’d bring him back when I brought Colby back for her X-ray (we tried to fit it in at the same time, but it wasn’t possible).

On the way home, the internal medicine specialist called. When I described Cooper’s symptoms, his response was simply, “Welcome to the world of IBD in a dog.”


When we got home, I took Cooper on a short walk. Because he seemed to be tired, I headed back to my office to work, thinking he’d lie down.

Apparently, I was wrong.

Instead, he stood at my feet, staring at me for a good five minutes. Then, without warning, he suddenly flopped over as the medicine finally took its course. I made him go to his bed, where he snoozed the rest of the afternoon.

Vet 1

Cooper, staring at me while I try to work.

Vet 2

I will not go to sleep, I will not go to sleep, I will not go to sleep …

After another conference call, I headed back to the vet with Colby to see if her leg was healed after a month in the crate. While there, the vet discovered my new Colby trick — that wrapping her like a burrito in her special, soft, warm blanket makes her feel so happy and content that she will immediately relax.

The verdict?

The majority of Colby’s broken leg has healed. The part that broke away, as the vet put it (a detail I don’t remember being told the first time around), is healed. The only thing left is a very small hairline crack in the bone.

So, what does that mean?

Apparently, if she and I can tolerate another two weeks of her in the crate, the vets are convinced she will be completely healed. I can let her out of the crate to be a kitten again without taking her back for another check up.

I am absolutely thrilled. It’s two more weeks, but it’s only two more weeks. It could have been worse — the vet warned me that it could have been four more weeks or higher.

I can do this … I can do this … I can do this …

Vet 3

Cooper and Colby, resting next to me this evening after an eventful day of vet visits.

Vet 4

Colby LOVES blanket time.

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