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Giving Thanks for Love

November 30, 2013

I know it’s a little late, but I thought I would share a little of the animal love from Thanksgiving day.

When I woke, the first thing I did was feed the animals. Then, as is the ritual since Colby’s little accident, I climb back into bed and hold the little girl in my arms, wrapped in her favorite blanket. Izzy often joins us, but only because she considers the bed to be the place that she gets to cuddle with me.

Thanksgiving morning started no different. The end was definitely different, though. I let the kitten have a bit more free rein as she wriggled out of my arms and seemed to want only to stretch out beside me. I thought nothing of it until I realized her real desire was to stretch out far enough to touch Izzy’s butt with her front paws.

Yeah, that doesn’t go over well with Izzy.

As I’ve explained before, my little snowshoe Siamese likes to pretend that she’s the only animal in the house. She is fine sniffing another animal on her terms, but she is not about to have one of them touch her without her permission (which she’d never give them).

Needless to say, she repeatedly hissed every time Colby touched her. It didn’t really seem to stop Colby from touching her, of course. After all, when you’re a kitten, you push the bounds every chance you get.

Colby Izzy 1

Colby Izzy3

Doesn’t Colby look innocent? She wasn’t doing anything to annoy Izzy. Noooo!!

In the evening, Cooper decided it was his turn for loves and cuddles. I am not entirely sure why because it wasn’t like he ran a lot or chased a lot or played a lot. I guess, though, the fact that he felt he had to keep track of so many visitors just tuckered him out.


I don’t care what brought it on. I’m just happy that he wanted to cuddle with me.

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