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Free at Last!!!

December 8, 2013

Today was Colby’s last official day in confinement. Over the last couple of days, I have let her out of the crate a couple of hours at a time to slowly ease her back into real life. Today, I let her out for most of the day, figuring she could spend the night in the crate.

Free 1

Must … worship … the … light …

It has been quite the experience for her. The house that she had previously thoroughly explored has become a whole new playground full of new sights and new smells. As a result, in the last 24 hours, she has managed to:

  • Stalk and launch herself at Gus, starting a mad dash through the house as a 7-pound kitten chased a scared, 14-pound adult cat
  • Jump up on every piece of furniture possible
  • Rediscover her love of drinking out of my water glass (Gus isn’t the only one who can pull off this trick)
  • Attack the cords on the window blinds
  • Jump up and hang from the curtains on the French doors
  • Worship random lights
  • Climb to the top of the tallest cat tree and chatter at the lack of birds outside
  • Use every single scratching post in the house — repeatedly
  • Explore every counter
  • Make Cooper yelp by biting him (Hey! It’s not her fault! He stepped on her first.)
  • Supplicate to Gus, Lilly and Zoey enough that each groomed her in turn
  • Run away from Izzy, who still only wants to destroy the kitty

I can only imagine what the coming days will bring with the little one.

Free 2

Lounging in the living room …

Free 3

But I’m so cute!

Free 5

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    she is cute, and sounds like a little “deble kitteh” 🙂 and now you have let it out to wreak havoc on the household!! ahh!!

    • She is absolutely a little “deble kitteh” and she loves every single minute of it. She thinks that all she has to do is purr and it makes it all better. 🙂

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