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Christmas with Cooper

December 14, 2013

As I said before, I decided a couple of weeks ago to take some Christmas pictures of my dog. I would have posted them long before now, but I ended up coming down with the flu and was out of commission for a week.

In looking at them again, all I can say is that I really wish they were more … Christmas-y …

And less … well … Cooper-y …

But I have a strong-willed, opinionated little doggy who has no trouble letting me know when he isn’t enjoying something.

It all started out well enough …

CC 01

And then, he quickly had to let me know just how boring he found it all …

CC 02

And Zoey, of course, had to get into the act … Had to

CC 03

But then it turned pathetic …

CC 05

Very paaaa-theee-tic

CC 06

So, I tried to change it up a bit with a new set of lights. It seemed to work …

CC 07

At least for a little while …

CC 08

But not for long ….

CC 09

Because that would be too much to ask …

CC 13

Pathetic with a lump o’ cords on top of the head is far, far better …

CC 12

This was one of the best pictures I could get … too bad there’s a dresser in the background.

CC 10

By the way? Cooper’s shirt? It says, “Santa, I tried being good … but I got bored.”

Seems pretty appropriate, right?

Thinking that I might be jinxing myself, I removed his shirt and tried a scarf instead. It worked …

CC 14

As long as I had a treat in my hand and could hold it up while taking pictures …

CC 15

And then Zoey came back …

CC 16

At that point, I officially decided to give up on Cooper Christmas photos.

It was probably for the best. After all, I didn’t find the most stupendously Christmas-y accessory for him until a couple of days later …

CC 18

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