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There’s Something About Zoey …

December 23, 2013

Yesterday, I posted about how Cooper and Zoey are the best of friends. But the reality is that Zoey is pretty much the favorite of every animal in the house — including me.

Well, OK … maybe Izzy doesn’t like her, but Izzy doesn’t like anyone except for me. The best Izzy can ever do is to tolerate another animal without hissing at it, stalking it or running away from it. Zoey, interestingly enough, is the only animal she does this with.

Today, when I took a break, I turned to find Colby cuddle up with Zoey. I managed to snap a couple of not-so-great photos of the pair with my iPhone:

ZC 01

Deciding I needed to take some better photos, I headed upstairs to grab my good camera. Of course, as I knew, they weren’t in quite the same position when I returned, but they were still cute as could be.

ZC 02

Granted, Zoey was giving me her best Grumpy Cat impression in the following photo, but she didn’t really mean it. And she just got cuter as we progressed with the pictures.

ZC 04

ZC 06

ZC 07

When I stopped taking photos, I realized that they were just going to continue finding new places to snuggle together. The reality is that Zoey moved first and Colby  just followed her.

ZC 09

ZC 10

Of course, while Zoey is one of the youngest animals in the house, she is probably the biggest mother among them all. She dotes and loves on each and every one of them (except Izzy, who might cut her for doing it) whenever she gets the chance.

ZC 11

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    Too cute! I’m glad Colby will gets lots of kitty loves. My boy Tuna looks just like zoey…..I wish he were the paternal type. He just thinks he’s a prince and all should bow down to him. Daddy balloons his head with praises every day so why should he think any different! 🙂

    • Thanks! And Colby only gets lots of kitty loves because she demands it or begs for it. It’s really funny to watch. And Tuna sounds like a character!

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