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Christmas Fun, Part Deux

December 28, 2013

My brother and his wife often make fun of the insane menagerie that constitutes my home.

And by often, I mean every time I talk with them.

So, when I received my belated Christmas present from them, I didn’t expect it to contain anything for my furry family. Apparently, they are far more smitten with the animals than they will admit because the box included a little package that, according to the label, consisted of three little catnip bundles wrapped in colorful fabrics.

I think the label lied.

Based on the reaction of my cats, the magical mixture was more than mere catnip. It was more like kitty ganja. The concoction was so potent that Lilly, my most reticent feline, stole the entire package off the dining room table and tried to spirit it away before I could open it and share the wealth with the other animals.

CN 1

Lilly with her personal bag o’ drugs.

When I managed to snag back the package and open it, the smelly brew drew animals from all over the house, each vying for personal time with one of the three bags of kitty reefer.

CN 2

Lilly still loving on the bag. Yes, I know the picture is a little blurry. Again, I need to stop trying to take these photos with my iPhone.

CN 5

Zoey enjoying a little time with one of the bags while Lilly watches her with pure envy.

The parcels of kitty drugs attracted the attention and love of all the cats except for Colby, who was baffled by the new and bizarre behavior of the adults in the house. The four older cats were so enamored with the baggies that they didn’t bother following me when I went to bed. Even Izzy, my near-constant bed companion, disappeared into the night, deep in the grips of catnip madness.

CN 3

Izzy with her little baggy of happiness.

Eventually, Gus ventured to bed, pupils wide and disheveled hair standing on end. He demanded loves and snuggles and tried to burrow under the covers before he staggered to the other side of the bed and collapsed in an exhausted heap. Knowing I likely wouldn’t see the cats the rest of the night, I rolled over and went to sleep, as well.

At about 1:30 a.m., I crept out into the kitchen for a little water and found Lilly continuing to lovingly caress her packet o’ kitty weed.

By morning, I figured the appeal of the packets would have worn off.

Clearly, I was wrong.

CN 6

CN 7

I’m not entirely sure where the packets are at the moment, but I am sure that I will find them if I just search for the cats.

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