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Snuggly Goodness

January 6, 2014

When you have animals in your life — particularly cats — you often find yourself trying to find new and inventive ways to cover furniture, so that it doesn’t get hairy or damaged or … well … to be completely honest, puked on.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Regardless, I often try to find new ways to cover my furniture with things that are easier to wash than, say, an entire couch cushion. I have sheets over most furniture and throw blankets on others. I have even replaced my carpet with hardwood because it is infinitely easier to clean than polyester pile ever was.

The worst to protect, though, has been my bed. While it might seem easy enough to clean bedding, quilts and coverlets can be difficult at best to adequately wash and dry. And since my animals spend more time on my bed than anywhere else in the house, it has the greatest chance of being hit by projectile vomit (sorry, but I’m just trying to keep it real here). So, I have always tried to cover the bedding with something easy to deal with.

My first, serious attempt involved a pet throw that I purchased from a major online pet retailer. The throw was heavy, double-sided and lush. The problem was that it shrunk the moment it was washed and dried. After just one laundering, the throw, which once covered the top of a queen-sized bed, suddenly only covered about 75 percent. Still, I kept it around, washing and drying and trying to ignore how the blanket continued to shrink.

Finally, after several years, I realized that the throw had shrunk to the point that it wasn’t worth keeping around. Besides, it was no longer soft and I was constantly pulling out tufts of hair that wound into the once-lush pile.

So, recently, I picked up a couple of throws from a major brick-and-mortar pet retailer that was produced under the name of a major celebrity (no, it was not PetCo and Ellen DeGeneres). Given that such a major name was attached to the throws, I thought that they would be high quality.

Not so much.

They ended up being thin and small and rough and smelly — a fact that wasn’t really evident until the throw was opened. What’s worse is that, while they could be machine washed, they could only be line dried. I have no idea who in their right mind would think hang drying a pet throw would be a good thing. Maybe someone who has enough money to pay others to line dry their pet bedding.

I only ended up suffering with the new throws for a couple of months before I realized that I could no longer deal with them. They collected hair faster than any other throw I have ever used and the off-putting smell wouldn’t quite go away. Both meant that they desperately needed to be washed, but I didn’t have the time or space to line dry them.

Finally, I ventured to a bedding retailer to see what I could find there. I came across an affordable, luxurious, double-sided throw that perfectly matched my bedding. What’s more, it could be both machine washed and dried, and it didn’t smell.

Today, I changed my sheets and remade the bed, placing the new throw over everything. I wasn’t sure how it would go over.

I’d probably still be wondering if it weren’t for Zoey.

Bed 1

She made it clear pretty quickly that she approved. After seeing here snuggle so happily into the blanket, I realized that she hadn’t been on the bed since I brought home the celebrity-brand throws. Clearly, the new throw really is a good thing. The old ones were not.

And because Zoey liked it, Colby liked it, as well.

Bed 3

Of course, she liked it even better when Zoey was grooming her.

Bed 4

Bed 5

It’s nice to see them happy with the new choice.

Bed 2

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  1. Glad that you’ve found something that works! I unfortunately just keep the door to my bedroom closed most of the time.

    • I’ve considered closing the door, but I have cats who prefer the bed. I would never get time with Izzy, in particular, if I never let her in the bedroom. It’s her safe zone.

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