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Learning About the Cuddle Monster

January 14, 2014

Colby never ceases to be the source of amusement. As she continues to grow and explore, she finds new ways to make me laugh. I know that’s not her goal in life (that’s Cooper’s goal, but not Colby’s), but she is really good at it.

Among her many, many, many quirks:

She loves to cuddle — That might not seem like a big thing, but she loves to cuddle with anyone and anything. It is not uncommon to find her curled up next to Zoey or Cooper or Gus or … well, anyone except Izzy, who still despises her.

Cuddles 001

Cooper and Colby watching “The Dog Whisperer” together.

She loves to growl — It’s her new thing. She’s realized that she can gain a little space by growling. She has used it for months to try to warn Izzy away, but she has started using it with anyone who annoys her, from Cooper to Zoey to Lilly.

She loves her toy — She really loves every toy (and every pen and every paper and anything else she deems as a toy), but she has one toy in particular that she loves more than others. It’s a little, ratty mouse in a tie-dyed orange color. It has been part of the cat toy box for two years or more, but no one really paid much attention to it until Colby came along. The baby has decided that it was her toy and she was in love with the toy. Now, it’s covered with dirt and hair and has had its tail and ears chewed off. But when I drag it out from under whatever piece of furniture she has managed to trap it under, she will play with it all night. She will even forego eating to play with her toy (I’d share a picture of the toy, but she shoved it under another piece of furniture for safekeeping and I have yet to find it).

She loves to play fetch — As long as we are playing fetch with the toy that she loves, she will run after the toy and carry it back over and over and over again, meowing the whole way. She will even drop it at my feet. If I try that with another toy — any other toy at all — she will run after it, bat it around and then leave it behind.

She loves to slide — I have hardwood floors throughout the house, but much of it was installed in stages. The last of it was installed upstairs about two weeks after she joined my household, so she has basically grown up in a house of slippery floors. While the others don’t mind that they occasionally slip, she seems to seek out the opportunity to run, run, RUN as fast as she can only to put on the brakes and slide several feet across the floor to her intended target. She has practically made an art form out of it.

She loves to chatter — I can’t walk through my house without her trotting along beside me and telling me what’s what.

She loves water — Just turn on a faucet. She comes running and sliding and jumping. If you give her the chance, she’ll even stick her paw or her head under the running water.

She loves to jump — Another art form, Colby has managed to jump between pretty much every counter in the kitchen. Today, she even jumped up 5 feet and hung off the top of one of the cabinet doors, trying to reach the open cabinet above.

She loves to cuddle — Have I said that before? I am reminded of this every night when she climbs into bed and crawls on top of me to sleep. She doesn’t just like to snuggle next to me. She must be on top of me. She especially likes it when she can bury her face in my ear and purr away as she rests her paw on my cheek. I generally only know that she’s fallen asleep when the purring stops and her head drops to my shoulder. Unfortunately, if I move in the slightest when she falls asleep, she immediately wakes up, sticks her nose in my ear again and starts purring.

Yeah, just try sleeping through that …

I can’t wait to see what other activities she decides to fall in love with in the coming months.

Cuddles 01

Cuddling with Zoey

Cuddles 2

Notice how Colby insists on placing her paw in Zoey’s

Cuddles 3

My desk is no longer my own

Cuddles 4

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