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Snow Day

February 7, 2014

First, I have to apologize for not posting sooner. It would seem that my list of must-dos and want-to-dos are far longer than the time I seem to have available. The balance of the two is always a struggle. I often feel stretched between two extremes, with everyone desperate for a bit of my time. I am sure that this time of year is worse than most with the majority of holidays, birthdays and fiscal responsibilities crunched into a very short time of year.

Second, the weather has conspired against me to make sure that I focus on getting to my must-do list. With very little warning (a day or two, at most), we received our first real snow storm of the year. Quickly followed by the second.

People who live in the Willamette Valley of Oregon know that snow accumulation is rare. Those who have been raised within the valley floor know that snow is one of those things that happen once a year and only for a day. The accumulation is less than an inch and generally disappears within 12 hours. But every once in a while, we get that record-breaking snow.

This year, apparently, was it the time for that rare storm — or two — when we have been hit by snow that not is not only deep, but sticks around. We received our first storm on Thursday, blanketing us with 4-plus inches of snow, only to be hit by another storm today, which has dumped another 4 to 8 inches, depending on whose estimate you are counting.

What does that mean for me?

No driving.

No leaving.

No avoiding my household responsibilities.

To my surprise, after fretting about how I just needed one weekend to spend focusing on the housework and year-end tax work, I finally have absolutely no excuses. The weather has dumped a good foot of snow in and around my house, which I take as an indication that the universe is practically shouting that it is time to take care of all of those annoying things that have been important, but not urgent in my life. It is the first weekend where I get to focus entirely on me and not worry about all of the errands that weigh heavy on me, but are probably not the most important things in my life.

Amazing how the universe can be far smarter than I …

Snow 01

Cooper, enjoying the first round of snow

Snow 02

Snow drifts against my garage door

Snow 03

Colby mistakenly believes she wants to be outside

Snow 04

The snow drifts against my house after the first storm

Snow 05

Cooper, trying to make his way through snow drifts in the backyard after the second storm started. He was NOT happy about how deep the snow was.

Snow 06

Snow accumulating in the bird bath in my backyard

Snow 07

Cooper, trying to slog through the snow

Snow 08

Is there something on my face?

Snow 10

Colby, watching the snow from inside. She was most fascinated by the poor, cold birds that were resting in the tree in my backyard.

Snow 11

My house in the midst of the second storm

Snow 13

Do you see what’s missing in this picture? That’s right, it would be the stairs to my front porch. They were still present after the first storm, but were completely covered by the second storm.

Snow 14

The poor birds seeking out food in my bird feeders. I have filled them to keep the poor birds fed during this difficult time. You know that they have to be cold and hungry to allow me to creep so close to take a picture

This weekend will be dedicated to focusing on my life, my house, my world … to just trying to get through my must-do list, so that I can eventually get to my want-to-do list. That will give me the chance to find balance again.

Balance …

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