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Snow Day, Part II

February 8, 2014

Not to complain or anything, but the whole snow thing is starting to get old. It’s been three days of snow now. When I woke this morning, we already had better than a foot of the white stuff on the ground. And then it continued to snow most of the day before turning to ice pellets this afternoon. We have at least another day of icy conditions to contend with before it — hopefully — warms to the point that we get rain and some of this snow melts away.

I’m not entirely sure why people voluntarily live in these types of conditions.

Cooper’s not so sure about it either. Watching him in the back yard this morning, I realized that what started for him as a fun romp in white powder has turned into a relentless slog through deep drifts just to try to find a place to pee.

That’s what led to my day’s work today — shoveling paths. I started by digging out the doors on the front porch. While the porch is covered, the winds have been so intense that it has blown snow across pretty much every surface. I then tried to dig out the steps leading up to my front porch. I got about halfway through before I realized that it was more trouble than it was worth.

So, I headed for the back yard and dug out all of the doors there before digging a path from the back door to the grass and clearing a wide spot in the grass for Cooper. I can’t even begin to say how happy that made him. Then, I headed for the front of the garage and dug a path to the garbage cans and the bird feeders. Finally, I dug a car-sized path through the drifts in my driveway that ranged from 16- to 24-inches tall. Despite the path, I’m still not sure I’ll be able to leave because the hill leading to my drive is covered in deep drifts.

At least I got some good exercise.

Snow II 01

The path dug in the driveway. It was actually clear at one point, but it kept snowing.

Snow 06

Bird bath on Friday, just as the second storm started. Notice how you can still see the base.

Snow II 03a

Bird bath today.

Snow II 02

Side of the house. The snow was about a third of the way up the door before I cleared it.

Snow II 04

Cooper is no longer amused by the snow. But he does like his path.

Snow II 05

I spread cracked corn on the front steps that I cleared (but quickly filled in with snow again). In weather like this, birds need extra food to help them get through.

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