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Spring Bliss

March 29, 2014

Spring time in Oregon is fickle — at least to those who have never lived here.

While the cold often gives up its grip on the land, offering a hint of summer days yet to come, the weather can still be unrelenting. Days of rain upon unending rain leave mucky, mushy yards. Patios, driveways and roads awash with runoff. Soggy becomes a state of being.

But, even in the midst of the storms, spring always manages to bless us with a touch of sun. It doesn’t appear often or for very long, but when it does reach our little corner of the world, the land explodes in color as it basks in the light.

These are the moments I wait for.

The moments that remind me why I love Oregon.

For even when we are in the depths of the worst spring can throw at us, we know that we will eventually be blessed with the best.

FC 1

The flowering currant in my side yard, basking in the morning sun.

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