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New Use for an Old Space

April 16, 2014

Over the last six weeks or so, I have allowed Cooper to start sleeping in the bed with me. I can’t say there was a clear reason for this. Just that he started acting more like an adult and less like an insane, always-hyper pup.

That and I could trust him not to run after one of the cats just because he was grabbed by some wild impulse.

Anyway, that left his once-necessary, now-empty playpen sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I considered taking it down, but thought I should leave it in place in case the dog-on-the-bed experiment didn’t go so well.

Six weeks later, I can’t take it down because it has a new use: As Izzy’s bed.

Previously, Colby claimed the bed during the day, when Cooper wasn’t using it. Of course, that was when I left the door closed most of the time. She was the only one crazy enough to jump/climb in and out of the contraption.

Now, I leave the door open all the time, which has allowed the others to come and go as they please.

Apparently, Izzy is the only one who pleases. And she pleases every day.

Crate 02

Crate 01

Crate 04

Crate 05

I guess I made the sleep spot comfortable enough for all creatures small and smaller. And leaving up the contraption is a small price to pay to keep the little girl happy.


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