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Places We Have Been Before

May 6, 2014

When friends come into town, it’s hard not to take them all to the same places.


Because while the majority of Oregon is beautiful, there are those areas that I know will be hits among pretty much anyone who enjoys the outdoors.

So, when a friend from the East Coast decided to visit for six days, I took her to a few of the places that all of you have seen before. Although, admittedly, the weather during this week was far better than we normally get during the spring.

Before 01

An unusually beautiful and clear day at Drift Creek Falls.

Before 02

Sunset at the haystack rock in Pacific City, Oregon. We had the pleasure of watching whales migrating up the coast during the amazing evening.

Before 03

Another view of the sunset over Cape Kiwanda.

Before 04

As the sun set, we drove south on the coastline to grab a better view.

Before 05

Multnomah Falls. The foot bridge that generally leads over the lower falls is currently closed indefinitely for repairs. Apparently, during the winter, a large ice boulder broke off the upper falls and damaged the bridge.

Before 06

The interior view of the Vista House at Crown Point.

Before 08

View to the west from the top of Vista House.

Before 07

View to the east from Vista House. This never gets old.

Of course, these were not the only places that we visited. A couple additional posts of completely new places will come in the next few days.

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  1. Gorgeous photos! Your friend is lucky that she had you to show her the amazing sights!

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