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Shades of Summer

June 22, 2014

There’s a reason that Portland is called the City of Roses … among other things. The entire region is ideal for growing lush rose bushes (along with the aphids and other flies that feast on them — but that’s another story) in the spring and summer. This is just a small sampling of the plants that have exploded during the spring and into the first days of our beautiful, bountiful summer.


Spring 01



Spring 02

Mixed Basket

Spring 03


Spring 04

Spring 05

Spring 06

And More Roses

Spring 07

Spring 08

And, after such a hectic couple of weeks of work, what did I do over the weekend? Spend more time in the garden. There is something deeply religious about working the soil. Between the repeated genuflecting to gently tend the plants to the ritualistic watering and fertilizing and pruning of the new sprouts, I am not sure I could find a greater way to commune with a higher power — whomever she may be.

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  1. Kim Aue permalink

    You have a beautiful yard!

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