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Animal Randomness 2

July 7, 2014

Life and work are still a little busy, so it’s another day of animal randomness. Today, it’s all about Zoey.

Zoey … what can I say about Zoey? She is sweet and beautiful and motherly and has a ‘tude beyond all ‘tudes when she really wants to.


Zoey just being Zoey with one of Cooper’s toys. She often has just as much fun with his toys as he does.

ZR 1

Zoey’s new favorite place — sleeping beside me while I work at night.

ZR 3

Sweet, baby Zoey (who is almost 4 years old — how did that happen???).

ZR 2

Sweet, baby Zoey’s foot.

ZR 4

Of course, when you give Zoey too much attention, she does NOT find it all that amusing. This is the look she generally gives me when she is not all that pleased with me.


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