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Too Smart for Me

July 14, 2014

Cooper Smart 1

Recently, I shared that I believe Cooper may be a little smarter than I give him credit for. I also believe I have shared (although I can’t remember when) that Cooper, my dear, irritatingly smart dog, loves to play a little game when he goes outside. That game goes a little something like this:

  1. Cooper goes to the door
  2. I open the door
  3. Cooper grabs the nearest toy and dashes outside
  4. After he’s finished doing whatever business he needed to do (including deciding that it’s time to dine on bark), he comes back to the door
  5. When I open the door, he will stand just outside the door until I say, “Cooper, get your toy!” at which point, he runs back to grab the toy and happily dashes back into the house

If I forget to tell him to get his toy, he will wait for a few seconds before running off to retrieve it anyway. I think he loves the ritual of being told he needs to get the toy (that or it’s all a secret test to see if I still have a grasp on my mental faculties), but the ritual is not absolutely necessary for Cooper to save his toy from the loneliness of being left outside.

Well, today, I opened the door and stepped outside with Cooper, who decided that the right toy to bring into the great outdoors was his beloved yellow tennis ball. When I headed back inside, Cooper was right by my side, sans the ball. So, I stopped at the door and looked at him.

“Get the toy, Cooper,” I said, looking over at the ball that was still on the patio, right where he had dropped it.

Cooper looked at me and trotted over to the grass, sniffing around a couple of seconds before running back to me without the ball.

Get the toy, Cooper,” I said again.

Again, Cooper trotted over to the grass — right by the toy on the patio — and returned to me without it.

It was then that I paused, trying to figure out what was going through this little dog’s mind and why he had suddenly gone inextricably blind.

“Get the ball, Cooper,” I tried.

And with that, Cooper ran straight to the beloved yellow tennis ball, grabbed it and dashed back to the door, ready to go inside.

Yep … my dog really is smarter than I give him credit for …

Cooper Smart 2

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