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So These Things Happened Today

July 26, 2014

Well, this first one didn’t actually happen today, but it would have made the headline too long to say, “so two things happened today and one thing happened a couple of days ago.”

Soooo … the following happened two days ago. I was leaving my house in my car when I realized that a massive condor was feasting on a rodent in the middle of the street right in front of my home. I paused long enough to take a few pictures with my cell phone of the magnificent, but incredibly ugly bird.

TH 01

TH 02

TH 03

Honestly, the sight made me feel at least a little better. For the last several days, I have found the remains of rodents spread along my driveway. I couldn’t figure out what was on the murderous mouse rampage, but this might have given me a hint.

Although, given how thorough this bird was in cleaning the carcass, I’m still not sure it’s the culprit …

Now, onto the things that actually happened today:

First, while on a walk, I was greeted by a rafter of turkeys crossing the road (Yes, a rafter … as in the group name for turkeys. Who names a group a rafter??). While I couldn’t get too close because the hens were clearly trying to keep their chicks a safe distance from any humans, I managed to take a few pictures with my iPod.

TH 04

TH 05

TH 06

TH 07

TH 08

The turkeys settled in a spot that is often frequented by the deer herd that lives in my neighborhood. The same spot where I swear I have seen fresh tracks from Elmo the emu … or at least one of his offspring. Unfortunately, this area has been cordoned off and will soon be filled with new houses, meaning that our wildlife will be pushed farther and farther afield.

When I returned home, I encountered the second happening of the day: Colby stuck high up in the closet and looking for a little help.

This shouldn’t come as any surprise. Colby is my jumper/climber. Not only is she known to make leaps that take my breath away, she has figured out how to climb shelves like they are ladders. Unfortunately, she hasn’t figured out how to make it back down, hence her ending up stuck on the top shelf of my closet.

TH 09

TH 10

TH 11

She cried and cried at me until I grabbed the step stool and managed to coax her close enough to pull her into my arms and settle her safely on the bed. Of course, I had to take a few photos with my phone before I could let the opportunity slip away.

TH 12

TH 13


Now, I just have to wonder what tomorrow could bring …

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