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I’ve Created a Monster …

August 10, 2014

Yesterday, my baby kitty, Colby, tried to escape out the back door … and in fact, she managed to make it before I could grab her. She barely made it more than a dozen steps, too caught up in the wonder that was the warm ground under her feet and the bright light filling her world.

Today, I decided that since she was so curious about the outside world, I would find one of the two harnesses I have in the house and I would let her explore.

I wasn’t sure what to expect … clearly, neither was she …

Leash 01

Colby, seeing the birdbath up close for the first time.

Leash 02

This is the only picture I managed to snap of her crying. She cried the entire time she was outside the first trip.

Leash 03

Had to check out the birdbath again … it could be out to get her, you know …

Leash 04

Making peace with the bath …

Leash 05

She basically spent the entire first trip around the yard letting the world know just how weird all of this was with a plaintive and continuous cry. I finally decided that she wasn’t enjoying herself, so I scooped her up and headed inside again.

Apparently, that was the wrong move …

As soon as she was inside and off the harness, she sat in front of the back door, crying over and over and over again. She clearly wanted nothing more than to be outside again, and she wasn’t about to let me forget it.

After about 20 minutes of listening to this, I grabbed the other harness (I wanted to see if it felt more comfortable to her) before heading back outside again. This time, she barely made a peep. Instead, she wandered the yard, taking in all the wonder that is the outdoors.

Leash 06

Leash 07

Leash 08

Leash 09

Leash 10


She wasn’t happy to go back inside again, but I figured that we should take this slow. I don’t want her getting the idea that she can go outside whenever she wants or whenever she badgers me into it with her ongoing caterwauling.

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