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Tower o’ Fun

August 19, 2014

Over the weekend, I decided I needed to replace the shredded cat tree in my office with a new tower. While the tree served the animals well for five years, I was finding more and more bits of the furniture spread around the house.

Of course, bringing home a new tower is always a tough decision. Cats are notoriously picky and they get used to their smell on old furniture.

Yeah … with my animals, I shouldn’t have worried.

Within 5 minutes of bringing it through the door, all five of the beasts had sniffed, rubbed against and climbed on the new tower. Even Cooper thoroughly checked it out. Every day, I find a different mix of characters lounging in the beds.

Today, it was Zoey and Colby …

Tower 01

The old tower in front of the new one. The animals do still like having the old tower around and will sleep on it, but they all like the new one.

Tower 02

Zoey (bottom) and Colby in the new tower.

Tower 03

Tower 04

Tower 05

Tower 06

Tower 07

Tower 08

Tower 09

Tower 09a

Tower 11

Tower 12

I love to see these beauties so happy … now, I just have to figure out how to sneak the old tower out of the house without them realizing that it’s going away …

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