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Tower o’ Fun, Day 2

August 20, 2014

Soooo … today, when I walked in the office to find that Zoey and Colby decided to share one of the beds on the new cat tree. Adorable, right?

TT 01

TT 02

TT 03

TT 04

TT 05

With the two munchkins on one level, that left the top bed free for Izzy climb into later. How do I know she climbed in later? Because when I was taking the pictures above, she was busy trying to steal a sandwich I had placed on my desk, not thinking that she would try to run off with it. Clearly, I was wrong.

I’m not entirely sure how she got up here, though. Zoey and Colby were on the lower level first, and Izzy is not really one who is known for jumping or climbing or … well … any sort of physical exertion. Still, she made it and she was happy … except when I was taking her picture.

TT 06

TT 07

Izzy with her hero, Grumpy Cat, in the background

TT 08

And, because little Miss Zoey is just so darn photogenic, I can’t help but end with another pic of her.

TT 09 v2


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