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Red in Tooth

October 1, 2014

Today, I had to take three of the beasties to the vet.

Cooper and Colby had to go in because they needed vaccinations. Cooper just needed an annual booster. Colby was in for her last vaccine, so that I can continue taking her for walks outside (on a leash, of course).

While Cooper loves going to the vet (unless he’s having one of his episodes), Colby has continued to prove that she is not so sure of this whole poking and prodding and temperature-taking thing.

Vet 01

Colby — definitely NOT happy.

I tried to entertain her …

Vet 02

And after a lot of love and attention, she started to come around … a little …

Vet 03

See? She’s soooo much more relaxed. Only one ear is back now.

Thankfully, the vaccines went by pretty uneventfully. In fact, despite the fact that most animals are sleepy after vaccinations, the shot didn’t slow down Colby one bit.

The third animal to go to the vet was poor, poor Zoey. During a vet visit a month ago, we realized that her teeth were a little worse for wear. In fact, she had managed to break off the tip of one of her canines. How did she do that? Knowing my clumsy little girl, she tried to take a leap of faith and missed.

Anyway, after a cleaning and two extractions, I was able to bring her home. She was … well … still a little stoned. As soon as I let her out of the carrier, she weaved her way through the house, stumbled into more than one wall, and stared at random things.

Of course, as one friend pointed out, that’s not really all that different than Zoey’s normal personality.

I told you — she’s clumsy.

And blissfully dumb.

Vet 04

Zoey simply sitting and staring at the laser light toy that was the other cats were playing with.


Vet 06

After getting home, Zoey wandered through the house. Of course, she’d only take a few steps before deciding she was too tired to keep going and simply flop over.

Hopefully, she will only be down for the count for a couple of days. Zoey’s crazy antics make it worth getting out of bed every day.

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