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The Love of Old and Young

October 18, 2014

I have always been fascinated by how older cats will take younger ones under their proverbial wing.

First, I watched it with Cole and Lilly. While Cole always kept the little one in line, there was a sweetness between them that was indescribable.

Now, I have watched the same type of mentorship evolve between Gus and Colby.

While Gus is not the oldest in the house, he is only a year behind Izzy. And he has far more patience than his older sister.

So, today, I wasn’t all that surprised when Gus tried to teach Colby, the baby of the house, about his love of plastic army men toys.

At first, I wasn’t sure she would get it (all pics taken with iPhone — sorry!).


He really worked to show her the beauty of the toys …


And she paid close attention … somewhat.


Finally, she understood the joy Gus was trying to teach her. And it was good.


Then, this afternoon, Gus reminded Colby of the joy of boxes … much to my dismay.


The box contained the new water fountain that I wanted to set up in place of Cooper’s normal water bowl. Why did I need it? Because Colby decided that she enjoyed pawing the water in the bowl until it was empty and the floor around the bowl was soaked. While she finds it fascinating to empty an entire bowl with just one paw, my hardwood floors have not taken it well.

Although Gus was not about to let me open the larger box, I did manage to get a smaller box full of filters opened.

And then, Colby decided that the box was hers …




I don’t understand why cats are so fascinated with boxes — even those truly too small to be comfortable — but if it makes them happy, I will keep them around.

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