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Halloween 2

October 24, 2014

With one week to go until Halloween, I figured I should post another set of pictures of Cooper in one of his Halloween costumes. This one made me laugh (they all do, really). After all, he could easily find himself in this very situation in my house.

HF 01

Yep, that’s supposed to be a black cat on his back.

HF 02


HF 04

It was hard to take photos of him with it because it kept shifting on his back.

HF 05

HF 06

He may not have been amused, but I was. Thankfully, he’s turned into a fairly patient dog …

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  1. mikew66 permalink

    He looks very unimpressed

    • He often is, but the costumes are more for me … And to shame him. It’s really the only time I can honestly say he ever feels embarrassed. He doesn’t shame like other dogs when in trouble. He generally is really proud of whatever he is getting in trouble for.

      • mikew66 permalink

        He looks like he is a character, we have a Spoodle Millie and he look’s similar in features to her


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