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Day o’ the Dead

October 31, 2014

Halloween turned out to be pretty uneventful …

I worked a little. Submitted a lot of invoices. Ran a couple of errands. Finally, I took the dog for a walk.

In full costume.

HD 02

He really wasn’t all that pleased with me … and he let me know it.

HD 03

My response was, “Candy Gram.”

HD 04

He didn’t get it. So, I said, “Land Shark.”

HD 05

That seemed to pique his interest, but I still don’t think he felt like it made up for the indignation of being forced to wear a costume among the general public.

HD 01

I, on the other hand, loved the view of the late afternoon … but the beauty didn’t hold. Right at 5 p.m. — just in time for trick or treaters — the heavens opened up and it started to pour. While the rain continued through the evening, we did manage a great sunset …

HD 06

And children slowly made their way out to beg for a little candy. Thankfully, the neighbor’s cat decided to keep me company on the front porch while I waited …

HD 07

HD 08

She may not be part of my brood, but she was a welcome part of my Halloween evening.

Now, onto November …

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